The purpose of this corporation shall be to promote and develop every phase of the dairy goat industry, including but not limited to breeding programs, the proper public recognition of products related to dairy goats, aiding goat showing at fairs, and aiding 4-H programs relating to dairy goats.

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Dairy Goat Farmers Inducted Into Minnesota Livestock Breeders Hall of Fame

Vincent and Christine Maefsky of Poplar Hill Farm

The Minnesota Livestock Breeders Association inducted Vincent and Christine Maefsky into the MLBA Hall of Fame on Thursday, March 17th, 2016. Their picture and acknowledgement of their contribution to Minnesota's Livestock Industry will be permanently on display in Haecker Hall on the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus, along with all other distinguished recipients of this recognition.  Vincent and Christine were introduced to the assembled members of the Association by Doug Thompson, after which Vincent and Christine provided acceptance comments and generous thanks to family, friends, and all those who helped them along the way.  Those presentations are linked below. Congratulations to Vincent and Christine and their family for this tremendous award that makes all of us in the Minnesota Dairy Goat Association very proud.

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