McCann-Farm Jealousy

McCann-Farm HWK Jealousy

We are very proud and excited to announce that we will be donating this beautiful French Alpine doe kid to the MDGA fall conference auction! McCann-Farm HWK Jealousy is a wonderful, long and dairy kid with beautiful topline and long, level rump! She also has an outstanding pedigree on both her sire and dams side. Her dam, McCann-Farm HBR Heidi is a very promising yearling, who was Best Jr Doe in Show at the 2016 Olmsted County Fair with some very strong competition!

Link to ADGA Genetics for Full Pedigree Info

Dam:  McCann-Farm HBR Heidi, pictured as a 2016 kid

Jealousy's Dam's Dam: Kara-Kahl Replay Syrup

Dams dam, SG Kara-Kahl Replay Syrup at 8 years old. FS91 (EEEE)@ 09-03

                                  Jealousy's Sire's Dam: Kickapoo-Valley Careless Elegy

Sires dam, SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Careless Elegy. FS91 (EEEE) @ 02-04. 
Elegy was first place 2 year old at the 2016 ADGA nationals. 
She milked 4,360 as a FF 2 year old!
(Photo courtesy of Kickapoo Valley Dairy Goats)