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Useful References

MDGA Helping Hand Booklet - Basic Care for Dairy Goats

Dairy Goat Kidding Preparations

Dairy Goat Best Management Practices ~ www.wdga.org/

Goat Drugs and Dosages ~ www.goatworld.com/health/meds/dosages.shtml

Goat Weight Chart ~ fiascofarm.com/goats/weight-chart.htm

Hoof Trimming Instructions ~ MDGA Hoof Trimming Guide.pdf

Tube Feeding Kids & Lambs (from Washington State University) ~

Feed Search

Internet Hay Exchange ~ www.hayexchange.com/

Show Forms

Generic MDGA Show Entry Form

Important Info for Minnesota Dairy Goat Breeders

You MUST register your herd premises with the MN Board of Animal Health!


MN Board of Animal Health
625 North Robert Street
, St Paul, MN 55155

651-201-6807 / 651-296-7417 Fax


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