Futurity Entries are due
January 31, 2022

Any doe is eligible for the futurity provided she qualifies under the following:


  1. Candidate must be registered or a recorded-grade dairy goat with ADGA.
  2. Candidate must be owned by an active member of the MDGA.
  3. Candidate application for nomination must be post-marked on or before January 31 of the year following its birth (i.e. the nomination form for a doe born March, 2021, is due by January 31, 2022).
  4. In the event that the animal is sold, it is still eligible provided that the owner is a MDGA member or becomes a member within 30 days.
  5. If the owner of a futurity candidate allows his or her membership to lapse, the animal relinquishes all rights and monies in the futurity.
  6. Previously un-nominated does purchased after their birth year are not eligible. Exception to this rule is any animal bought through auction at the MDGA Annual Conference, for which all nominations and fees are paid by the MDGA.
  7. If the nomination is not continued, previously submitted monies are relinquished by the owner.


The Judging of nominated does will be conducted in the regular 3-year old class of their breed at the Minnesota State Fair. If the doe’s birthday prevents her from showing in the 3-year-old class (her birthday falls after the show) she will be judged the following year. The following year’s nomination and fees are required.

The ranking of qualified does relative to each other within each breed determines payoff.


The payoff will be announced at the time of the breed class. Payoff of each breed will be awarded at the award ceremony. The payoff rules for each breed are as follows:

  1. If no doe qualifies, the monies collected go into next year’s pot.
  2. If one doe qualifies, she receives 100% of the pot.
  3. If two does qualify, the money is divided 60% / 40%
  4. If three does qualify, the money is divided 45% / 35% / 20%
  5. An additional $50.00 will be added by MDGA to each breed pot paid out.

Application Requirements

Doe kids shall be nominated before January 31st of the year following their birth year. A pre-pay option is available. This option allows an owner a one-time nomination and one-time fee due before January 31st of the year following their birth year.

YearAgeFeeADGA Registration FormFuturity Nomination Form
1Kid Pre-Pay$10YesYes (one time only)
32-Year Old$8NoYes

Download Futurity Nomination Form–> Excel Version PDF Version

If you would like to complete your nomination entirely online, complete the Excel Version of the Nomination Form above, then save your nomination form as a file on your computer. Next, email it as an attachment to Emily Thompson at ekayet@hotmail.com

Registration will be verified with ADGA based on the registration numbers listed for your nominees.

Then complete the PayPal processing shown below, entering the number of each type of nominee. Before submitting your payment, be sure to view your cart to verify that the fees charged match those calculated on the Excel Nomination Form. Your personal payment information will only be processed through PayPal, that will email a receipt to your email address.