2022 Fall Conference

Morgan Allen has been working hard lining up activities and speakers for the 2022 MDGA Fall Conference!  Click here to view or download the agenda….

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MDGA Annual Member Meeting

The annual MDGA General Membership Meeting will take place Saturday, May 29th night after the completion of the junior doe show at the MDGA Spring…

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Strategic Kid Management Webinar

This webinar features, Dr. Roselle Busch, assistant specialist in Cooperative Extension at UC-Davis, as she discusses recommended management practices to help control and minimize the…

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Goat Ladies Luncheon Zoom Call

We WILL have a 2021 VIRTUAL Goat Ladies Luncheon. ZOOM-link is private with a password to prevent ZOOM-bombing–so email with your name & location if…

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Managing and Feeding the Transition Doe – Dairy Goat Webinar

This webinar will focus on managing and feeding the transition doe as dairy goat producers head into the freshening season. This webinar will provide strategies for improving herd health, feeding and overall management of the transitioning doe to optimize milk production, reduce metabolic disease and produce healthy kids.

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MDGA Annual Conference (Virtual)

Topic is Dairy Goat Reproductive Problems and Potential Solutions

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2020 Fall Conference Report

The 2020 MDGA Fall Conference was presented virtually on Zoom. Seventy to eighty devices were registered and connected, so we were delighted at the participation…

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